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September 2020 "Record of Youth (청춘기록)"

What I'm Up ToStill masking, still minglingSince I moved to a one room apartment, I feel much more willing to meet friends. Every outing's still laced with anxiety but I'm no longer terrified that if I contract the virus I'll spread it to 20 other girls (which is how I felt living in the goshiwon.) It's also super nice to use my own kitchen and bathroom without needing to put on a mask to do so. Yeah so about the move!Please enjoy the new pots, chair, and knives I bought for my home.😃

Moving Journey: My empty goshiwon room→my crowded new entryway→and my organized new bedroom space! (It's still not very large where I live, and the kitchen area can't accommodate a microwave or fridge, so they're nestled in my bedroom instead. I'm just that much closer to the food, I guess.)

I'm pleased with the location as it's only a 5 minute walk from the heart of Sinchon. I can pick up groceries and take-out food real quick, and the Yonsei front gate's on…
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August 2020- "I'm me, you're you... what do we need identities for?"

Updates on Korea's COVID Situation

It got better; so much better that Korea was down to 9 transmissions a day and I became bolder going out. Buuuut then it got worse again and we're up to 200-400 transmissions a day. With most cases located in Seoul I've had to forgo planned get-togethers and am currently preparing for another isolating couple of weeks. (Let's not talk about why the numbers rose again; just know that the virus issue has been mixed with political and religious issues in more places than the US.)

The government raised the physical distancing level to 2.5, which means 1) everyone must wear a mask in public places, 2) after 9 PM restaurants can only offer takeout, 3) franchise cafes can't offer seating, 4) churches, academies, and gyms MUST close, and 5) all my classes will, once again, meet online until midterms. (Please get better by then! 😖)
These measures are only meant to last until September 6th. As I understand it, the government hopes a week of i…